About The Doctor's House | Internal Medicine Specialist Located In Edina, MN

About The Doctor's House

The Doctor's House is a premier internal medicine practice in Edina, Minnesota, led by Adepero Okulaja, MD. Dr. Okulaja is an independent doctor who can do anything that in-network doctors can do. Patients of all ages appreciate the easy access they have to Dr. Okulaja at The Doctor’s House.

Dr. Okulaja welcomes international patients to the practice, as her personalized approach to care has attracted individuals from many other countries. She understands that optimal health care should be low-cost, intuitive, and in the best interest of each patient.

Some of the many services available at The Doctor’s House include early cancer detection, total wellness care, IV infusions, vitamin mineral supplementation, and root cause medicine. Dr. Okulaja also offers comprehensive anti-aging care, internal medicine, chronic care management, and much more.

She refers patients to specialists when necessary and orders diagnostic tests as needed. Dr. Okulaja enjoys being independent because it gives her the professional freedom to work within her own value system, rather than the rules of a traditional health care system. 

When patients call The Doctor’s House, there are no “phone prompts.” They immediately get connected with a warm, friendly staff member. Dr. Okulaja is an advocate of personalized health care, so she personally returns patients’ calls and responds to their emails in a timely manner. 

To schedule an appointment with The Doctor’s House, call the office or book an appointment online today.